How to wear belts if you have a STRAWBERRY bodyshape?

Basics for a strawberry body shape

A strawberry body shape is quite rare. It’s also called an inverted triangle, which aptly defines this kind of figure. This shape is essentially characterised by broad, defined shoulders, larger breasts, strong upper arms, a narrow waist and thin legs. 

With a strawberry shape, it’s important to accentuate the hip area to create more of an ‘hourglass effect’ and to avoid widening the upper body, so that you create an impression of equal proportions between the upper and lower body. For this reason, choose darker colours for tops and light or bright colours and patterns for the lower body.

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Which cuts to choose? 

A V-neck, accessories and cuts that draw minimal attention to your upper body area are preferable for strawberry shapes. Wear asymmetrical dresses or tops that leave one shoulder exposed. Raglan-sleeved sleeves on dresses and tops work particularly well. Avoid short blazers and jackets with angular shapes that flare out your torso. As you should aim to widen your hips, A-line skirts, A-line dresses and straight, wide-leg trousers work best. Draw attention to your legs with wide-leg skirts and dresses. Opt for loose, soft fabrics over layered, A-line styles.

  • A-lined, layered, or patterned skirts
  • Dresses: V-neck, halter, or overlapping cut, with pattern on the skirt only and dark-coloured top part; the skirt should be loose
  • Overalls with a V cut
  • V-neck, overlapping, halter or sleeveless tops
  • Shirts that are a dark colour or monochrome
  • Raglan-sleeved dresses and tops
  • Slender roll-collar blazer with a curved bottom 
  • Wide-cut, loose trousers or stretch chinos with a straight cut

How to wear belts if you have a STRAWBERRY bodyshape?

Strawberry can have a nice waist which can be emphasized, but take in account that your hips can be even smaller than your waist. In that case only wear belts to loose cuts, or A line shaped dress, skirts so that the belt is emphasizing your waist next to a wider hip, which is „created” by the right chosen skirt, dress, pants.


Only wear slim belts, maximum 2-3 cm witdh, as your bodytype is an inverted triangle.

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