How to wear belts if you have a PEAR bodyshape?

Basics for a pear body shape

A pear body shape typically consists of narrow shoulders, a narrow waist, and wider hips and thighs. The upper body is proportionately smaller to the lower body, and since the cleavage is not very full, it’s worth accentuating other body areas, such as a thin waist. However, as the thigh, buttock and hip areas are wider, you can compensate by wearing clothes that minimise these areas and create a balance between the upper and lower body.

What kinds of basics to choose?

Stretch clothes that accentuate your waist can work wonders, so it’s essential to keep these in mind when shopping. If you’re thinking of buying trousers, consider dark, monochrome colours as the ideal choice for you. If you prefer skirts, then A-lined skirts and knee-length dresses are best for highlighting your advantageous body parts. You can even complement these with stylish belts. Because your shoulders are narrow, you can afford to wear tops with shoulder pads, but avoid V-necks if possible. To accentuate your cleavage, big patterns, ruffles or wide boat necks will be the best choices for you.

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  • A-lined, boat neck basic dresses—consider wearing them with belts
  • Short blazers with shoulder pads
  • A-lined skirts, loose or tailored
  • Boat neck loose blouses, tucked into trousers or skirt
  • Wide-striped or large-patterned tops with boat necks
  • Straight cut – but not skinny – jeans, or loose, baggier trousers that don’t have side pockets

belts for the pear bodyshape:

The pear has a beautifully shaped, usually slim waist, so it is worth to use belts and draw attention to the waist.

Depending on you vertical proportion, you can also wear wider belts 6-8 cm, if your upper part is not short, or just balanced.


In case your upper part is short, only wear slim belts , maximum 2-3 cm.

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