How to wear belts if you have an APPLE bodyshape?

 apple body shape

An apple body shape in characterized by a round, full upper body and thin, shapely legs. There’s no distinct waistline, so the slimmest area is just below the breasts, which is why it’s worth accentuating.

What kinds of basics to choose?

V-shaped necklines for dresses and tops are the ideal choice, as these help elongate the upper body. Wear soft, fine materials instead of thick ones when it comes to tops. With dresses, however, aim for thicker materials as they are better at holding together and tightening your figure, helping to conceal the incongruities under your dress and minimise a fuller waist. 

Longer-length clothes that come down to your thighs or buttocks are great choices, as are shorter blazers and jackets, unbuttoned or zipped halfway up.

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  • V-necked, overlapping or larger, round-cut necks that flow beneath the breasts
  • Longer-length shirts and tunics
  • V-neck, flowing dresses; straight cut or with a tailoring line just below the breasts
  • Upper body pieces should be dark monochrome or with small patterns
  • Slender or straight-cut blazers that don’t accentuate the waist
  • Flowing cardigans or sweaters
  • Straight cut or slightly wide-tailored trousers
  • Tight trousers or leggings only with tunics, longer-length tops or dresses
  • Straight or flowing skirts


For apple it is not easy to chosse a belt as the widest part of her body can be around the waist.

The slimmest part is under the bust, so if you are small size apple (34-40) than the rules for the rectangle body shape are also valid.


Layering is a key tool for apple- even whe larges sizes or plus-size, as slim belts can be a good solution for them with layering trick: use the belts under the top layer and only the middle part of the belt is visible.

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