How to wear belts if you have an HOURGLASS bodyshape?

Basics for an hourglass body shape

Women with this type of body shape can consider themselves incredibly lucky. It’s considered to be the most feminine of figures and typical of well-known celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Monica Bellucci and Scarlett Johansson. Though hourglass body shapes can range from full to slender, one common characteristic is that the bust–waist hipline essentially takes the shape of an hourglass, where the waist is the narrowest area. Someone with this this body shape can wear practically anything and doesn’t need to conceal any area of their body with baggier clothing.

What kinds of basics to choose?

It’s worth selecting clothes that accentuate your hourglass shape and highlight your waistline, so even tight clothes can be a good option. When it comes to looser clothing, make sure they also accentuate your waistline.

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  • Pencil skirts and slim trousers with elastic waistbands 
  • Overlapping and slim-fit dresses that can be accessorised with a thin belt to highlight the waistline
  • Tight-fitting, narrow tops with a deep cut-out cleavage; white or neutral-coloured tailored shirts 
  • Overalls with a narrow or tight-fitting waistline


The classic hourglass has a beautifully slim waist which is always in focus, so emphasizing it is a must. 


Depending on you vertical proportion, you can also wear wider belty 6-8 cm, if your upper part is not short, or just balanced. In case your upper part is short, only wear slim belts , maximum 2-3 cm.

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