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Essential Wardrobe is a premium quality clothes collection of redesigned iconic basics for women. Every piece within our collection is customized with unique features.

Our mission is to create clothes that women can wear for any occasion and at any time of day. We carefully select all our fabrics and meticulously plan every detail of their tailoring.

We aim to create garments that last several years as opposed to just one season. Our clothes have classic cuts and can be styled in a variety of ways with the help of our Moods Selection accessories.

Our clothes are made without linings to provide added comfort, and the stitching is covered with fine fabric to protect against wear and tear. All our garments have been created for machine washing.

EW’s accessories, right down to the snaps and decorative rivets, are made of top quality, durable materials. EW snaps are designed to look like rivets, adding a unique flair to all the clothes in our collection. The Moods Selection leather accessories are carefully handmade with 100% leather, providing an added touch of elegance to any outfit.

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