Clothes Storage Tips – Ideas on how to stash your clothes neatly

by Beauty Marketing on February 23, 2023

We might not even think about how storing our clothes well can easen our everydays – since then we can easy put together our outfits in the morning and it can even have a positive effect on keeping the quality longer. Let’s see some useful ideas that does not require lot of effort and money to execute: 



Some people believe that depending on the type of clothes you should use different hangers: we should use woodens ones for heavier clothes like coats, thinner ones for lighter, silkier clothes, fabrics – with a non-slippery surface. Of course this can be an aspect, in general we opt for the non-slipper, velvet covered ones, which are thinner, so much more will fit into your wardrobe and using all the same design will give you a neat, unified look.  

What is really a useful idea if you have less space and more clothes to be hanged – to hang shorter clothes under each other with a special hanger or using a bigger chain. It might sound funny at first but even a soda can opener can be used for the same purpose 😊. Of course you can find multi-hangers which you can use for strappy tops.  





Pullovers – especially if they are heavier, knitted – should be kept on shelves – since they get elongated when hanged.  In case of a wider shelf, it can be useful to have dividers – we can have an overall more neater arrangement.  If we more hanger space – we can choose the well-know hanged shelf application – its not only for shoes!

We can also use boxes, but then it’s better to choose see-through ones or ones with „windows” in front, so when you open your wardrobe it’s easier to see what’s inside.





In case of pants, jeans can go to drawers – but we should consider using the Marie Kondo system (as for all other clothes stored in drawers) – you should put them next to each other horizontally, this way we can see all at once. We all know how we tend to forget the ones on the bottom!

Our more elegant pants should be kept on pant-hangers, especially if why are well-creased. Check out this trick then – it’s even less likely that they slip off this way which tend to happen with wooden hangers.




Bras are delicate pieces, we have to be very careful when washing them, and we should also care for storing them the right way, so they do not get deformed.

Laying them flat is an option (do not fold the cups to each other!) or you can look for a special divider designed for bra storage. With the help of those you can store them horizontally.

Hanging them is the third option – if we have enough hanger space of course – using for example the multi-hangers we have mentioned before.





In case of t-shirts, the Marie Kondo system is also the winning one, either if we just put them in the drawers or in boxes. By the way, we have heard that recently even Marie Kondo said  that next to 3 kids she does not care about tidying up perfectly so much any more – which sounds reassuring and very human 😊.


Seasonal clothing

Seasonal clothes should be stored in boxes when not used. It’s important though that we wash those clothes before putting them away, since a winter coat for example – even if not stained - can collect tons of dust and dirt during the season and if we store them like that among other clothes, it can damage them.


Drycleaned clothes

It happended to all of us that we just left the drycleaned clothes in the plastic bag for long. But it’s not a good idea since this can also damage the clothes, even the colour of the clothes can change if we leave them in plastic for long.




Finally – the real key to the organized wardrobe? Sorting and selecting the ones we really use. As we know it’s only 20-30% of our clothes we actually wear in average. If we frequently select and sort them we can rid of the unused ones which can only make our wardrobe crowded.  

 A small tip for example is that we always put on one side of our wardrobe the clothes we use a lot, so soon we’ll see clearly how much we leave on the other side – that we do not wear at all.

The Reuse, Repair, Resell/Recycle concept is well know already in many countries. It’s alway worth to consider what can we do with the clothes we do not wear a lot: 1. we might re-shape them, so we can still use them 2. we can repair them 3. we can say goodby to them, so they will have another chance at someone else’s wardrobe.

If we do this, it’s not only our life that will be easer – the daily dressing up, tidying – but we also minimize the number of clothes ending up in landfills, which has an enormous damaging effect on the environment.


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